As the weather is so lovely at the moment, I am guessing that you will be spending a lot of the weekend outdoors! Therefore, for your homework, I would like you to make a shadow (the more exciting the shadow that you make is, the better) and take a photograoh of it. Can you get the size and position of your shadow to change? This hom3ework is a good link to our assembly / science work!

Your numeracy homework is to learn a set of tables that you feel you need to learn and ask soembody to test you on them at home. Can you recall them out of order and really quickly? We learn our tables in this order:

You also have until Monday to make a book for our school library.
Enjoy the sunshine! Misss West

Manchester Museum Trip on PhotoPeach

Manchester Museum on PhotoPeach

Science Light Workshop on PhotoPeach

More Canopic Jars

More Canopic Jars on PhotoPeach

Canopic Jars on PhotoPeach

Our Learning

In Numeracy this week we have been looking for right angles on a clock face. We have also been using our multiplication facts to decide if a number belongs to a group of multiples and to help us draw rectangles.

Next week we will be calculating the cost of abiscuit recipe and measuring how far our boiled egg travels!